I love my daughter's picture, the colors express her creative spirit,
the colors are deep and filled with a youth's lust for life. The picture
shows her both child qualities and her move towards becoming a teenager.
The portrait will always remind me of this special time in her life.

Mary Porter, Illinois


I was so thrilled and pleased when I received
the portrait of my horse, Watson, that I could only squeal with
delight. I was very impressed with how well Cheri captured his personality
only working from some photos and a description I had given her
of his personality. It is just wonderful! She also managed to work
a very subtle image of my face into the background that to me portrays
the connection that Watson and I have built together. It is a very
warm and peaceful feeling to look at it. This is a very special
and personal work of art--that is a rare thing. I couldn't be more
happy with it! Thank you, Cheri!

Lisa Zinzow, Wisconsin


Cheri's portrait of my firstborn daughter captured her in that fleeting moment of
adolescence. The movement and clarity in her sketch work tells a deeper story
and richly complements all the school photos hanging on the opposite wall
in my living room!

Tamara Baldry, Oregon


The drawing of my son, together with the unique frame design, exceeded my
expectations. The detail and quality was awesome. It was a great gift for grandma.

Robert Mietus, 	Illinois


Cheri wants you to be pleased with your portrait - that is her return on the project.
She definitely puts her heart and soul into each portrait. She did a portrait of my
two children from a photo - excellent! She is truly an artist. I have had two close
friends who married within the last year. I have them each a portrait done
by Cheri - they both cherish it. Makes a great wedding/anniversary/birthday present!

Mary Mawhinney, Illinois


I have to tell you again how absolutely pleased and TOUCHED I am with my
Freeway's portrait. Have been looking at it all morning, you have brought my
sweet little friend "back to life"...What a great gift!!! I can't begin to tell you
how much of his essence and spirit you captured!!!!

Jennifer Hart, Illinois


The master pieces of art I received from Cheri are hanging in my office, on
my signs around town, my business cards, and my informational brochures
designed to inspire new artists and other professional artists to share their
work with	me. I get comments on every business card I hand to people.
The conversation continues as I share Cheri Tremain's beautiful "eye catching" art.
Thank you Cheri for adding color and fun to my business!

Valerie N. Williams, Natural View Iridology, Colorado


All I had was a written description and two pictures that looked similar
to my child that had gone to heaven. Cheri through her talents and insight
has brought a unbelievable spiritual gift to life for our whole family. She
brought our little Saint so that all can see and know her story. It is the center
piece of our family wall now. People think it is the most precious piece of art
they have ever seen. One person asked: "Who is the artist? This picture is the
most detailed portrait I have ever seen". I proudly told them about Cheri.
Cheri, you are the most amazing Artist to bring a written description to life.
Thank You for giving our daughter a human face to her very spiritual story!

Linda Eck, Illinois


Cheri did a beautiful job on a portrait of my husband and I. She really
captured who we are, down to the smallest details. And from a picture, yet!
She is truly an artist. What a wonderful gift this is for us. Thank you, Cheri!!

Amie Hyman, Illinois

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